Gartner® Research: Capacity Constraints in Your Distribution Network? Ask These Questions Before Committing to Expansion

Article Description

Many companies are experiencing supply chain capacity challenges, including demand volatility, supply disruptions, and explosive growth in eCommerce. According to Gartner research, “CBRE estimates that e-commerce sales will continue to accelerate, reaching 35% by 2030, Therefore, a new footprint and DC operating models that prioritizing agile and efficient service are likely to still be viable.” Before committing to expansion, supply chain leaders should holistically evaluate options to optimize capacity.

This complimentary Gartner research offers guidance on the following:

  • What questions to ask before expanding your distribution network
  • How to identify the driving factors behind capacity constraints
  • How technology may expand warehouse flexibility and overall capacity

Access the full report for future-forward metrics and to learn more:

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