Gartner Research - Predicts 2021: Supply Chain Technology

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72% of supply chain organizations view technology as a source of competitive advantage. What technologies are keeping your business competitive? What are you investing in to stay ahead of the competition in 2021? As businesses begin to step back into the sunlight and the challenges of 2020 subside, many companies are looking for new opportunities to succeed. See what’s on the horizon in Gartner’s recent research Predicts 2021: Supply Chain Technology for insights into which technologies are taking off and what will be the best fit for your supply chain operation.

Access this complimentary Gartner research to find where future risks lie and discover potential opportunities.

Download this Gartner report to learn:

  • Which technologies companies should be considered to stay competitive
  • How supply chain operations will evolve using technology as we continue to face challenges presented by disruption
  • Predictions of what technologies will shape Supply Chain within the next 5 years

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