Gartner: Hype Cycle for Supply Chain Execution Technologies

Article Description

Per Gartner, “This 2020 Hype Cycle for supply chain execution technologies covers technologies used to support logistics and fulfillment processes (for example, warehousing, transportation and global logistics). The positioning of specific technologies on this Hype Cycle considers these technologies in the aggregate across various industries and geographies, but there can be notable differences in maturity, market penetration and projected demand across these dimensions. When considering new supply chain execution (SCE) initiatives and investments, users should align their risk tolerance to the positioning of various technologies in this research. Some SCE technologies are lower risk, quite mature, and have either reached or are nearing the Plateau of Productivity on the right side of the Hype Cycle. However, innovation continues, and there are numerous emerging and valuable technologies on the left side of the Hype Cycle, although these are best-suited to more risk-tolerant organizations.”

Access this Gartner research report to learn:

  • What technologies are now considered mature and are prime for adoption
  • What technologies are on the rise, at the peak, sliding into the trough, or climbing the slope
  • User advice and impact for each technology, as well as sample vendors

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