Furniture and Appliance Company Distribution Center Implements Slotting Solution, Sees Double-Digit % Improvements in Productivity and Shipment Quality Boost

Case Study Description

The company of focus in this case study is one of the most well-known Furniture and Appliance Companies with locations all over the world, spanning across over 50 countries and four continents. Delivering both to stores and direct to customer, this company’s warehousing and distribution operations must function with consistency in order to maintain reputation and meet customer expectations of quality with affordability as the company continues to evolve.

The Furniture and Appliance Company (company) has many distribution centers around the world. For its initial slotting optimization initiative, the distribution center (DC) selected is one that has adopted an innovative approach to tackle some of the unique challenges that come with delivering this company’s varied product mix. The DC, located in North West Sydney, Australia, is 70,000 square meters or approximately 230,000 square feet. While sophisticated in many ways, the DC was transitioning from only delivering to stores to delivering both to stores and directly to customers. Noting the impending transition and current processes in place, as well as elements of the operations relying on a combination of Excel and tribal knowledge for product placement, the company knew there was opportunity to improve as the transition to delivering to multiple channels took place. Identifying the picking layout would need to change drastically to be effective, the company looked to implementing professional slotting optimization with OptiSlot DC™ (OptiSlot) Software.

Learn more about the project and how this company achieved double-digit percentage improvements in productivity by downloading the full case study:

Download “Furniture and Appliance Case Study” Optricity-Furniture-Appliance-Slotting-Case-Study.pdf – Downloaded 9 times – 978 KB

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