Optricity Unveils Latest Slotting Solution at 39th Annual WERC Conference

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Launch of Replixer™ sets to resolve replenishment issues within the warehouse and provide slotting precision with easy-to-implement maintenance strategy


RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC – June 8, 2016. Optricity, Champion Sponsor of the 39th Annual WERC Conference, software development innovator and provider of advanced software technologies, unveils the latest asset to its warehouse design, optimization and analysis solutions: the Replixer™.

While in attendance at WERC’s Annual Conference in Providence, Rhode Island, Optricity’s entourage of team members ushered in the latest offering to solve replenishment issues within the warehouse. “The Replixer™ works as a ‘replenishment fixer,’” says Chuck Grissom, 2016 Pro to Know, Optricity’s CTO and software mastermind behind the development of the Replixer™. “This software application will work to find slotted items that cause the worst replenishment problems, such as fast moving items in slots that are too small and slow moving items in slots that are too large. It will then redistribute these items to improve overall replenishments, while still conforming to the overall slotting strategy in place. Utilizing the Replixer™ offers an ideal daily maintenance process for an optimized pick line.”

The Replixer™ will be included in the upcoming release of OptiSlot DC™ this summer and will serve as the first in the platform of offerings Optricity plans to launch in the next twelve months. Hinting at items in the queue, Sheila Benny, EVP of Optricity, states, “Optricity has served the warehousing slotting optimization community for over a decade; we are dedicated to our customers and will continue to enhance and support OptiSlot as we did when we first launched. That being said, there’s exciting news on the horizon; focusing on the replenishment side with the Replixer™ is just the start of what the Optricity team has in store for the future.” Sheila concluded her 2015-16 term as President of WERC at this year’s conference. She will continue serving on the Board of Directors in 2016-17 as Immediate Past President.

Optricity’s software technologies have been implemented on six continents, across fifteen countries, and are known for driving high quality solutions built specifically for the task at hand.

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The Warehousing Education and Research Council is the only professional association focused exclusively on warehouse management and its role in the supply chain. Members are experts from all facets of the distribution industry who come together to share practical knowledge and professional expertise to improve individual and industry performance. Learn more at www.werc.org.

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Optricity utilizes a unique blend of warehousing domain expertise, advanced mathematics and software engineering skills to provide an expanding array of optimization, design and analysis software. Optricity’s platform of innovative technologies enhance operational clarity and enable warehouses to perform with greater precision.

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