Optricity’s Latest Slotting Optimization Software Release Offers Versatility through Enhanced Scripting Abilities

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OptiSlot DC™ supports customized, stream-lined solutions via Python and JavaScript


Research Triangle Park – December 31, 2018 – Optricity, best known for its advanced slotting optimization software, OptiSlot DC™ (OptiSlot), recently released its latest version of the software just in time for 2019. This new release contains a variety of enhancements, driven by client requests, its engineering team and the evolution of the warehousing industry.

Serving clients around the world in industries ranging from aftermarket auto parts, electronics, and pharmaceuticals to fashion, cosmetics and the depth and breadth of the food industry, Optricity continues its dedication to delivering software that can solve the most complex operations’ challenges with ease.

“Optricity’s [OptiSlot software] is the essence of user friendly! With the layouts and tools provided, it takes the guess work out of slot optimization,” says Michael January, Director of Warehousing at Ben E. Keith Foods.

Noting each warehousing operation is unique and must comply with various regulations as well as address numerous goals and objectives to maintain customer approval, it is essential that solutions in place are resilient and sustainable. With the addition of enhanced Python and JavaScript functionality, Optricity is delivering the ability for its clients to take their unique approaches to solving intricate slotting optimization problems and automate user and company-specific tasks into one operation (e.g. an item update, Optimization and moves list can then be delivered at the push of a button), ensuring that the solutions implemented can pivot to product mix fluctuations and demand changes with minimal effort.

“Optricity’s development team is always enthusiastic to provide new functionality to support our clients’ needs and objectives,” says Chuck Grissom, Optricity’s CTO and architect of OptiSlot. “We are pleased to deliver this latest release of OptiSlot and look forward to seeing what new challenges will arise, providing us with the opportunity for us to further develop unique solutions for the industry.”

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Optricity creates and supports warehousing analysis, optimization and performance improvement software. To develop its solutions, including the highly acclaimed warehouse slotting application, OptiSlot DC™, Optricity utilizes a blend of warehousing domain expertise, advanced mathematics and software engineering skills.

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