Optricity Launches Latest Version of OptiSlot DC™ Software with Immersive Educational Experience

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Coinciding with the recent release of OptiSlot DC™ (OptiSlot) version 11.1, Optricity held a virtual event for the ages. The event, hosted in OptiWorld™, unveiled the latest enhancements and features now included in OptiSlot, expanded on techniques and strategies to support Sustainable Slotting, sourced interviews and insights from OptiSlot users around the world, and blasted off with an exciting look at the future of Optricity guided by Optricity’s CTO, Dr. Charles Grissom.

This event was “By far the best opti event I’ve been a part of. Very well put together, informative and helpful.”

- Joseph Brezack, Manager of Slotting Efficiency & Maintenance C&S Wholesale Grocers

A major feature included in OptiSlot v11.1 is the powerful Workflow View which further enhances visibility through a guided step-by-step approach to support OptiSlot users from project launch through to optimization, implementing the work plan, and measuring results. This new view gives users the ability to unleash the advanced mathematics and algorithms that drive Intelligent solutions with ease.

The Sustainable Slotting theme also played a key role in this event (along with the epic and familiar theme hinting at Star Wars) with educational sessions and OptiSlot professionals, Heather Gailey, Slotting Analyst for O’Reilly Auto Parts, and Eric Mernieks, Operational Specialist for Hopewell Logistics, sharing their experiences.

As a recipient of the Food Logistics 2021 Top Green Providers award, Optricity is on a mission to provide actionable slotting techniques that elicit increased benefits and produce consistent results through Sustainable Slotting. Learn more about how to capitalize on the approach to retain your slotting solution’s quality in this whitepaper.

“Great event --- the interactive features during the meeting were awesome.”

- Cody Yates, Application Support Analyst, K-VA-T Food Stores, Inc

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