Strengthening Communities

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Strengthening Communities

Extraordinary circumstances prompt extraordinary responses. When day-to-day necessities, often taken for granted, are no longer readily available, we witness the weak points and strengths inherent in systems and processes, as well as the character and courage of people. As the realities of the 2020 global pandemic sink in, we see this courage taking shape in the form of  extraordinary acts of humanity - people reaching out, responding to one another and pulling together to protect the essential elements of daily life. This unprecedented 'we' focus of helping one another spans neighbor, company, competitor, category and country. Communities are showcasing their strength in ways that might not have previously seemed possible; companies are switching manufacturing lines to answer much needed calls to serve. Supply chains are crossing over industry boundaries to supply goods to unexpected end consumers; and, innovation and creativity are tools helping those who have lost their jobs create work to make ends meet. Optricity believes we are all in this together and we can achieve powerful things if we each take strides toward what is possible, doing our part to support each other during these difficult times. Optricity appreciates our community - our employees, clients, partners, organizations and friends as they activate initiatives, large and small, to make a difference.

We recognize your efforts and thank you for:

  • Implementing heightened safety standards, including adjusting hours, implementing one way travel aisles and limiting the number of individuals in a store at a given time, to protect our communities and essential individuals in stores
  • Protecting those most at risk with dedicated times to secure necessities with ease and less crowds
  • Hiring displaced workers and increasing pay to support communities
  • Showing your appreciation of those who are working to upkeep day to day life with increased pay, expanded benefits, paid time off and securing groceries for employees
  • Focusing on the essential food to deliver groceries direct to customers at increased volumes
  • Delivering necessary elements for people to sustain daily operations while working remotely via direct to door home office supplies, vitamins and supplements
  • Pivoting traditional operations to nourish communities in a different way, providing groceries direct to customers as restaurants' volumes slow to take out only
  • Delivering meals to those working towards a cure
  • Providing over a million dollars worth of air purifiers to hospitals at no cost
  • Continuing to remain active to distribute crucial vehicle parts too ensure emergency vehicles have everything necessary to stay powered in this time of need
  • Donating millions of dollars worth of hospital supplies
  • Shifting daily manufacturing efforts to deliver healthcare items most in need
  • Ensuring millions of masks and medical supplies are delivered around the globe
  • Supporting strong supply chain to enable ventilators are delivered efficiently

Strengthening Warehouses, Supporting Our Communities

Optricity takes its small steps to strengthen and support our communities during this difficult time by offering:

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