North Carolina WERCouncil Announced as Chapter of Excellence Winner by Warehousing Education and Research Council for 2017-2018

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NC WERCouncil promises new opportunities to connect, learn and share industry highlights in the coming year (beginning this July)


RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC – July 24, 2018 – The Warehousing Education and Research Council (WERC) deploys WERCouncils, local groups of warehousing and logistics professionals of a particular region, to conduct meetings, educational events, facility tours, networking opportunities and seminars to extend the quality programming offered at the annual conference, year-round. The volunteer Council leaders serve their local areas, working to provide numerous opportunities for members and non-members alike to enhance personal and professional development and give back to the community, while continuing to build awareness for the unique and ever-changing industry.

To recognize Council leaders’ commitments, accomplishments, and dedication to spreading knowledge and inspiring others to participate in all that the non-profit has to offer, WERC awards regional groups to the Circle of Acclaim: a program put in place to honor Council leadership. There are four levels of achievement for this special recognition: Silver, Gold, Platinum and, the highest honor to achieve, the Chapter of Excellence. The NC WERCouncil exemplifies what is needed to be awarded to the Chapter of Excellence through its robust schedule of warehouse tours, educational events, networking events, as well as community outreach events. The NC WERCouncil as worked locally with the NC Food Bank, One Warm Coat, as well as Rise Against Hunger.

Warehousing operational efforts often go unnoticed as much of the work is done behind the dock doors. Sharing knowledge, successful projects, advanced technologies and the up-and-coming trends within the industry is necessary for its continued evolution and growth; the warehousing community will only continue to gain momentum through these shared experiences.

Lindsay Olla, Chairperson for the award-winning NC WERCouncil and Vice President of Marketing for Optricity, holds this sentiment true and looks forward to working with the community and WERC to share a variety of stories which highlight amazing results and how these results make a difference in the world. “Through my volunteer work with the NC WERCouncil, I have had the privilege to experience some truly unique environments, including the warehousing operations at Amazon, Harris Teeter and Sheetz. In addition, I have had the opportunity to network and connect with wonderful individuals in the area at the Aviator Brewery tour and networking event, as well as holiday events hosted at the Angus Barn and by local WMS expert and Co-Chair, Curt Sardeson CEO of Open Sky Group. Through these varied interactions, I have learned a lot and have gathered much insight and examples of how seemingly small elements of what happens within the warehouse can make a massive impact,” says Lindsay. “I hope to continue to draw individuals willing to share their unique stories to our events, both in person and virtually through webinars, in the coming months; these moments are significant and worth noting.”

Upcoming events and webinars will be announced via the NC WERCouncil events page hosted by WERC, as well as through Optricity’s website and social media communications (i.e. LinkedIn and Twitter). Follow WERC and Optricity to stay up to date and catch the next success story from the warehousing industry.

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