Warehouse Optimization, Analysis and Improvement Solutions

Warehouse Optimization, Analysis and Improvement Solutions

The warehousing ecosystem is constantly evolving as needs and the way people purchase and utilize products change. In these dynamic environments, where e-commerce is becoming a standard, SKU proliferation is running rampant and automation is being readily adopted, addressing the intricate slotting initiatives to achieve operational goals can be a stress-inducing endeavor.

It has become apparent that the initial reslotting initiative is no longer enough. The rapid, changing warehouse environment requires more attention to conquer changes in demand and product mix. Noting the need to accommodate the slotting maintenance phase of the warehouse life cycle, Optricity has developed solutions that require only the push of a button to eliminate stress and headaches in the warehouse. These solutions known as replenishment, consolidation, and picking productivity fixers, coined the @Ease Warehouse Technology Platform™, support the health and maintenance of optimal slotting.

The @Ease Warehousing Technologies Platform™ (@Ease Technologies), working in tandem with our advanced slotting technology, OptiSlot DC™ (OptiSlot), allocates periodic (daily, weekly, promotional or on-demand, et.al) maintenance moves required to keep your operations on track and support your facility’s optimization objectives on a strategic level.

As a result of implementing @Ease Technologies and OptiSlot, your operations benefit from productivity improvement that connects strategic optimization solutions with daily planning, management, and execution systems.

Each green button, denoted with official names below, can be purchased as supplemental software to the OptiSlot slotting tool.  Contact Optricity to discuss your operating environment to determine which green button would support warehousing performance improvement in your operation.

Also, known as a “replenishment fixer.” Fixes replenishment problems by handling the worst offenders, such as fast-moving items in slots that are too small and slow-moving items in slots that are too big, while still following the slotting strategy. Places new items into the best slots based on your slotting strategy.
Addresses when the same item is in multiple slots. Consolidates the item into the best slot(s) based on the user-defined goals. Have the same item in more than one slot? Are all the slots only partially full? Rectifies with one button push.
Works to maintain a reslot. Takes into account the easiest to pick locations and most difficult to pick locations, in terms of bend-and-reach and travel distance. Identifies the fast-moving items in difficult pick locations and slow movers in easy to pick locations, and redistributes these worst offenders to improve overall picking productivity while keeping the overall slotting strategy intact.
Offers a solution for distribution centers that have more SKUs than forward pick locations. Computes the labor efficiency by taking into account the average time to pick from a forward pick location, as well as the time it would take to restock the item to the forward pick. It then compares to the cost of picking the item straight from reserve. SKUs that will benefit the most from forward pick location placement will be allocated accordingly. By generating the most valuable moves, it helps the user efficiently maintain the best SKUs in the forward pick area on a regular basis as SKU activity levels change.

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