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Self Healing Warehouse

The warehousing ecosystem is constantly evolving as needs and the way people purchase and utilize products change. In these dynamic environments, where e-commerce is becoming a standard, SKU proliferation is running rampant and automation is being readily adopted, addressing the intricate slotting initiatives to achieve operational goals can be a stress-inducing endeavor.

Imagine a warehouse that consistently repairs itself: replenishing according to a pre-determined, globally optimized slotting map, where productivity is continuously improved, and optimal slotting is maintained without the outside aid of off-selection operation support.  Optricity reveals the next solution available from its Warehouse Technology Platform, the revolutionary software tool aimed at producing a warehouse that self heals and offers the next level in operation and performance.

The software solution known as the Moves Conductor™ (Conductor), which when implemented, produces the Self Healing Warehouse™, was recently awarded US patents for the unique process that automates moves seamlessly between replenishment and picking against the backdrop of an optimal slotting map.

How the Conductor Orchestrates

  • The Conductor considers the necessity for both slot planning and slot maintenance, and offers the ability to balance between the competing goals and constraints of the two strategies, serving both in tandem.
  • The Conductor takes advantage of natural empty slots that free up due to being picked clean, or creates empty slots by proactively moving inactive items out of the way.
  • The Conductor continuously heals the maintenance needs of the warehouse with everyday moves while doing so according to the overall strategic objectives of the operation.
  • The Conductor operates in constant, real-time communication with the warehouse management system (WMS) providing for synchronous integration between systems once the user preferences are set and an optimal target slotting map is loaded.


  • Reduces the chance for stock-outs
  • Less travel time for workers and equipment
  • Fewer mis-picks
  • Works during the normal picking cycle of an operation, reducing the requirement of workers working in off selection or overtime
  • All moves sent from the Conductor to the WMS are moves that are woven into the everyday workflow providing the continuous operational state required for the Self Healing Warehouse to perform at the highest level of efficiency and productivity possible.

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