Warehouse Revitalization: Eliminate Fragmentation for Improved Picking

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As technological advances continue to grow and take shape, companies around the world are looking to adapt and adopt new approaches to deliver unique experiences and quality products to make a lasting impression. The supply chain is an integral piece to the puzzle in ensuring that companies’ visions for the customer experience are met, and, specifically, within the four walls of the warehouse, operations are evolving.

With the rate of change, it is easy to get caught up within the hype of the latest trend, but warehousing operations must not lose sight of the essential storage and retrieval elements that, when recharged, can boost productivity. Much like computer hardware, the warehouse works as an intricate system, with storage and retrieval actions similar to that of a magnetic disk drive: both systems require activation and process rejuvenation to run in sustainment mode. You may understand the reasoning behind defragmenting your hard drive, but why should you defragment your warehouse?

  • Proper space utilization,
  • shortened order fulfillment routes throughout the warehouse, as well as
  • replenishment reductions, are just a few examples of what can be reactivated for improvement through regular attention to the defragmentation process performed in the warehouse.

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