Warehouse Slotting: Increase Performance Using the Five ‘P’s in Your Slotting Universe

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The warehouse sits squarely at the juncture between suppliers and customers with the
expectation of shipping the right product to the right people using the right process at the
right time. That job, easier said than done, in today’s data-driven world requires
knowledge inside and outside of the four walls of the warehouse in order to effectively
balance competing goals and constraints to achieve success. Understanding the
warehouse ‘universe’ and, in particular, the universe of warehouse slotting, aids in
orchestrating a smooth flow of goods.

As the slotting universe expands inside and outside of the four walls, increased goals and
constraints compete. Understanding the slotting universe increases the chance to
maximize warehouse performance. Fine tuning the warehouse along the Five Ps, defined
as: product, performance, people, pallet and purchaser creates a roadmap for warehousing

While warehouse success relates to the performance of the suppliers, buyers, operators,
and customers, each group has its own unique lens through which the product is viewed.
Successful warehouse slotting considers each view within the context of the slotting

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