Warehouse Slotting: Increase Performance Using the Five ‘P’s in Your Slotting Universe

Whitepaper Description

This whitepaper discusses the increasing complexity of the warehouse environment and how understanding the warehouse "universe," in particular, the universe of warehouse slotting, facilitates a smooth flow of goods. Focusing on the role of warehouse slotting, rich in data complexity, and ripe for understanding how it can impact overall supply chain success, this paper illustrates effective slotting by exploring the Five 'P's of slotting, defined as product, performance, people, pallet and purchaser, ultimately defining how warehouses, which sit squarely at the juncture between suppliers and customers, can enhance performance and more efficiently meet expectations by balancing goals and constraints.

Download “Warehouse Slotting: Increase Performance Using the Five ‘P’s in Your Slotting Universe” Warehouse-Slotting-Increase-Performance-in-Your-Slotting-Universe.pdf – Downloaded 1 time – 533 KB

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