Rethinking Your Reslotting Strategy: Optimal Slotting Benefits from Slot Maintenance Performed In Sync with Distribution Center Dynamics

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Optimal slotting benefits from slot maintenance performed in sync with distribution center dynamics. Cost effective slot maintenance frequency depends greatly on the dynamics of the warehousing environment under consideration. Constraints within the distribution center and factors external to the facility impact reslotting frequency and timing decisions. Influences or ‘destabilizing events’ such as product volume and mix changes, seasonal demands and promotions create periods of instability within the warehousing environment.

Opportunistic responses to such destabilizing events allow for reslotting that increases picking efficiency. Identifying inflection points and reslotting at the appropriate time using underutilized labor at standard rates minimizes costs and improves payback cycles. Once a slotting strategy has been determined and resultant rules established, slotting technology can be employed to achieve a reslotting strategy that minimizes costs and optimizes efficiency according to the predetermined warehousing objectives.

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